Review: 10 Days at the Beach in Goa


goa-beach1.jpgI recently visited Goa, India during my holidays, and I must say this tourist destination is not visited by so many people for nothing. The beauty of nature seen here is mesmerising. Goa is like how it is in Kerala (I’ve been there too.) The people are very very kind and helpful (unlike New Delhi) and the landscape never fails to ‘wow’ you.

This article will give you a truthful and short review of some places I visited based fully on my experience. (P.S. I hope you trust me enough)

N.B.- I’ve written about all the beaches in sequence as I visited them. The beaches located nearer to my hotel- The Grand Hyatt- have been visited thoughtfully.

Beaches to Visit

North Goa

  1. Dona Paula Beach– As all other websites state, Dona Paula is a beach for water sports and doing shopping. (But, take my advice don’t spoil your trip by going here at noon. The sun is unbearable even during in winter months) You may have fun doing sports like Parasailing, Jet Ski, Boat Riding etc.                                                                                            The beach also holds a historical significance (you may not know this) ; a Portuguese girl named Dona Paula was refused to be given permission to marry a Goan farmer, so she jumped off to her death at this beach site.                                                                                               So, if you’re like those type of people who like appreciating heroic deeds, then go ahead. And if not, note to self, the place remains quite crowded and you can do water sports and shopping at other beaches also.
  2. Miramar Beach- Welcome to Miramar! A place with extremely fine and golden sand, you can have fun walking on the sand and getting wet in the shores. Honest, the sand is a very nice shade of gold.
  3. Sinquerim Beach- Aah.. This is where the fun comes in.  Located right next to the Taj Vivanta Hotel (I stayed at the Grand Hyatt), you are absolutely gonna love this place. A sudden rush of adrenaline will come over thee, and thou shan’t want to not not leave this place (Yep, that does make sense) The place is certainly lovely, lively and awesome (This was my fave in the North). You’ll find the water to be crystal clear but a lovely shade of blue in colour. Awesome, I’d say! I only wish there was not mud that  went along with the water, if it didn’t it’d be like the beaches in Thailand or Mauritius. (They’re my favourite and also, I love travelling!)
  4.  Candolim Beach- If you’re here for a good ol’ tan then, this place is perfect for yeh! Especially if you’re here during the winter hols -i.e. December- then you can definitely check out the sun-burn festival.
  5. Baga Beach- Right. This beach is just the place for you if you love places between crowded and not crowded. This place has perfect music to cheer you up and make you feel lively again. Even if it says that this place is designed for Indians, you’ll see a fairly amount of your people here~foreigners.

So these were the beaches ‘I’ consider the best,(I must say I LOVED the Sinquerim Beach) but we all are unique and have different tastes so its totally up to you to do what to do.

South Goa

1. Bogmalo Beach- The beach perfect for some alone thinking time. What I loved doing here was just staring at the endless journey of the sea waves. Second best in my list of the best beaches in South Goa. (First one coming right up in a few lines.)

2. Majorda Beach- If you’re heartbroken or depressed or something like that, then you can come here for a quick stroll. Honestly, I didn’t like this place very much because it was rather very isolated. Though, it is quite popular ‘I’ didn’t like this as much as I liked the other beaches. But, one good thing about this place is that mostly locals and villahgers come here so you can see buffalos and doggies bathing just like I did.

3. Palolem Beach- Awesome! My favorite beach in all of South Goa. Seriously, no wonder it is called the ‘Best Beach’ in many websites. You’ve many restaurants on the side and the scenery is very pretty. You can take a boat to visit Butterfly Island also. (I didn’t go there. Was too tired.) Even though it is located very far away from the city -near the states’ outskirts- the trip is certainly worth it.

So that’s all in the Beaches Section. This article is worth it, it is a very popular tourist destination. But, no its not over yet. More review coming up (Actually, down.) {Good Pun!}

Restaurants to Try Out in Goa

1. Fishermans Cove- Awesome ambience. Awesome food. Certainly try the Chicken Lasagne or the Bolognese. lovely.

2. Fishermans Wharf- (I’m not advertising) But this place is more better than the first one. More Awesome ambience.More Awesome food. More Awesome Music. Although it is located in Panaji/Panjim,, it is a bit far away.

So I think thats it. Happy Journeying!

Love, Megan

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