The Truth To Everything-A Theory


I’ve been wondering a lot and I think it would be the best if I reveal a long time kept secret the universe has kept from us..

“The legends, the myths and all the fantasies you hear that you think is made up, always hides a real story behind it, and the that story is made to cover the real truth.“

Think about it in this way; if the citizens of a town from many centuries ago believed in witches and wizards doing in magic, why do we hear a story where witches and wizards have to use a broomstick to fly? Why not bear wings and fly like birds? The stories that ‘ve been carried from generations to generations bear truths to the most difficult and unanswerable questions of the world. If these stories are only stories, then how did the idea of magic with wands come in the first place? (JK Rowling has rediscovered this tradition in her books) Lets take this into consideration for a moment and believe that this idea came up as a coincidence, then how do you explain the random idea of the flying broom!?; Lets also take this into consideration that this idea was also random, but how do these stories come up? From rumours and different versions of the same event. But one must also remember that-Rumours can be defined as ‘fragments of truth with a pinch of cooked up broth of lies’.

These Myths of Gods, Legends of Heroes and Fantasies of witches and wizards all hold an unacceptable fact that things like superpowers may exist. But, first one has to prove these stories, which unfortunately is not possible.

Thats a lot about magic and fantasies, but if we get into myths and legends, we’ll also believe that all the statues of gods and goddesses that are found in all of Egypt, Greece, Ancient Rome, India etc. and the stories of great heroes is a sign of belief in the almighty and respect for those heroes.

But no. I think that these stories of courage and bravery were made to give them eternal glory and respect.

The idols were the images that people had in their minds. People have been trying to find out the answers to questions even we cannot answer like the making of the universe. So they believed in God, a soul that is immortal and is so good and loving that they deserve the respect and devotion in innumerable quantity.

But the content in these myths and legends are so unbelievable and fantastic that believing in them is a problem. This is the reason non-believers of God see no evidence of their existence in the heavens.

Stories of Hercules, The Lost City of Atlantis etc. only exist as myths (but as real in Rick Riordan’s books) for everyone. Believing in them is possible only for little children.

To contradict, one may say that these stories of heroes have always existed as merely to enchant a child’s mind and give them hope to always believe in the best, this is entirely true because there is no evidence to this theory but I wish to express my idea and opinion on what we define as miracles.

I believe in the World Of Magic, and for all the unanswerable questions, we must move on and keep on believing in the fact that the reason why we don’t understand is because we can’t. Our brains do not perform their fullest potential, and to expand it to its limit, it takes true will and power. If we do this, maybe we all can answer the most prominent question of all time- Inception. Who made us? God. Who made God? ?.

“Curiosity is no sin”, but exploring too further than one’s limits may cause dire consequences like landing up in an asylum.

The Truth is only revealed when we depart from this world, and having that knowledge before or after death makes no difference to the goal we’ve been sent here; ‘To ……..”where the blank can only be filled by ourselves. ‘Do Good’.

Update: I just read the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and I realised how similar my thoughts are at the beginning. Just to be clear, the idea was truly mine but Cassie just seems to have stumbled upon it before me, a long time ago.

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  1. I like the direction your thoughts are going. I also have been wondering quite often why EVERYONE seems to be fascinated by the stories about kings and queens, about a world we cannot see and invisible powers that somehow shape our world without us noticing. Especially nowadays where science declares to have an answer for almost everything…Then why are the bestselling books and the most successful series and movies always about the same? A fight between good and evil. Kings and Kingdoms. Magic.

    I hope you get what I am trying to say? 🙂


    1. Bookricci says:

      YESS! I totally get you and believe me, you and I are on the same page. Every single movie is a fight between good and evil. There is always a protagonist and a villain even if they are the same person. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! ❤


      1. To me the funniest thing is how some people behave as if they are sooooo “sophisticated” and do “only believe what their eyes can see” and so on but then they watch game of thrones, lord of the rings, marvel movies and absolutely love them…lol


        1. Bookricci says:

          Lol..they just can’t help but act so sophisticated about mythical things and everything but absolutely love every whimsical fantasy in this modern world. Like helloo! books like Harry Potter & Percy Jackson and everything sci-fi didn’t just evolve in a day. Centuries have passed since such stories have been passed on by word of mouth and got modified countless times until recently where we hear a different version of the (sometimes, the same) story.. if y’know what i mean


      2. Btw did you read the “Magicians Guild” Triology by Trudi Canavan?


        1. Bookricci says:

          Noo, how is it?


          1. I really enjoyed it! I actually read it twice 🙈 And now there is also three follow up books…perfect for bookworms 📚


            1. Bookricci says:

              if you’ve read it twice, then it must be really good ❤ I’m gonna try it sometime… thanks for the suggestion!

              Liked by 1 person

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